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stiknthemudHey waterfowl hunters, the StikNtheMud is, without a doubt, one of the most practical and convenient items I've ever used. Resting your loaded firearm against a tree limb or clump of reeds is dangerous. It's an accident waiting to happen. The StikNtheMud solves this problem.

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The Flyway Highway!

Craig Foster BioThe Flyway Highway is an exciting outdoor program that documents host Craig Foster’s four month long waterfowl hunting road trip adventure! Craig literally chases the birds down their migration paths, stopping along the way at various prime locations to hunt. Viewers are treated each week to some of the most scenic and productive waterfowl hunting destinations in North America! From the prairie pothole regions of Canada and North Dakota to the flooded timber and rice fields of Arkansas, The Flyway Highway captures the complete waterfowl hunting experience in all its diverse forms.

The Flyway Highway airs every July through December on the Pursuit Channel. Be sure to tune in!!

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